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From stem to stern, this comprehensive hands-on workshop offers the whole HIPAA compliance package from leading national HIPAA expert, Jonathan P. Tomes, with HIPAA compliance certification from EMR Legal.

This unique two-day hands-on HIPAA compliance workshop is designed to help you find out what gaps in HIPAA compliance your organization has, create or update the required HIPAA Risk Assessment/Analysis, and implement policies and procedures needed for HIPAA compliance. You will receive The Complete HIPAA Policies and Procedures Guide with accompanying CD containing more than 65 documents all editable in Microsoft Word®, allowing you to make each policy unique to your business, and a copy of Your Happy HIPAA Book. Let us teach you the steps that you need to take to achieve HIPAA compliance, and once your organization meets the requirements and recommendations from our experts, you will receive the EMR Legal HIPAA Compliance Certification Seal of Approval. We have helped more than 1,000 health care providers and business associates become and remain HIPAA compliant.

Anchors aweigh and get your organization’s HIPAA compliance ship shape. The Hands-on HIPAA Workshop is designed for covered entities and business associates. Whether you need to create or update your HIPAA Risk Assessment and Risk Analysis or simply do not know where your organization stands with regulations, we will help you avoid the huge civil money penalties that DHHS is currently imposing for HIPAA violations, to say nothing of the criminal convictions. These settlements and civil money penalties range from $100,000 to $4.3 million and have involved small physician practices and a hospice, as well as major health systems, health plans, and business associates. Don’t end up on the DHHS big breachers wall of shame! The DHHS findings almost always cite one or more of the following areas as being non-compliant:

  • Failure to perform a risk analysis.
  • Failure to update a risk analysis.
  • Failure to implement reasonable and appropriate security measures, including adopting policies and procedures.
  • Failure to train the workforce in HIPAA.

HIPAA compliance can be smooth sailing with our experts helping you determine where you are not compliant and what you need to do to get compliant and providing you all the tools that you need to do so. Specific topics during the two days include the following:

  • Introduction, including the current state of HIPAA enforcement and recent Omnibus Rule changes.
  • Evaluation of your Gap Analyses. You will receive a Gap Analysis form to fill out before the workshop so that the faculty can assess where your organization is compliant, where it is not, and how to bridge the gap and get compliant.
  • Risk analysis. Faculty will teach you how to perform a risk analysis and walk you through one for your facility.
  • Risk management. Faculty will have experts on hand to assist you in implementing the three areas of security measures:
      • Administrative safeguards.
      • Physical safeguards.
      • Technical safeguards. Michael Bosch, our technical security expert, will give a presentation on penetration testing and additional security measures to consider.
  • Writing policies. You will receive Jonathan P. Tomes’ The Complete HIPAA Policies and Procedures Guide, which has samples of all required, addressable, and optional policies, and our best seller Your Happy HIPAA Book to keep all your HIPAA documents in one easy location. Alice McCart, an attorney/editor, will teach how to write a policy, and EMR Legal experts will review attendees’ policies as they complete them.
  • Training. Learn the importance of workforce training and receive our Basic HIPAA Training Video and Workbook, with one hour of HIPAA, HITECH Act and Omnibus Rule training for your whole workforce.
  • Legal opinions as necessary. Faculty members are licensed in four different states and can render legal opinions on the validity of HIPAA policies and other documents.


Jonathan P. Tomes, B.S. and J.D. with highest distinction, literally wrote the book on HIPAA compliance. He has been a military intelligence officer, where he learned about security systems, a military judge, a law school professor, a skilled litigator, a HIPAA consultant and expert witness, and an author, having written more than 60 books and dozens of articles, most focused on health information compliance issues. As President of EMR Legal, Inc., a national HIPAA consulting firm, he has helped more than 1,000 covered entities and business associates become compliant. He has trained federal, state, and county governments, as well as other covered entities and business associates ranging from 300-bed hospitals to sole practitioners.

Alice M. McCart, B.A. with honors, M.A.T., M.S. in Journalism, and J.D. Besides being an attorney, she has more than 35 years of management-level publishing experience, including editing the Health Law Digest for the American Health Lawyers Association. Alice also was in charge of book publishing at the Healthcare Financial Management Association, where she learned the financial aspects of providing health care. She edits HIPAA documents for EMR Legal’s clients and has performed risk analysis and other compliance tasks, most recently for a university student wellness program. She is also an experienced teacher, including presenting HIPAA training.

Michael Bosch, B.A. and M.B.A. As Director of Information Security for EMR Legal, Mike will take you on a journey into the mind of a hacker. What motivates a hacker? What toll could hacking take on your business? How do hackers learn their craft? How do hackers discover vulnerabilities and methodically exploit them? Is it time to consider penetration testing on your organization’s secured network to avoid a costly breach of PHI? This valuable information will help you manage your information security risks and give insights on how to step up safekeeping of protected health information (“PHI”).



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