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HIPAA consulting expert, Jonathan P. Tomes, founded Veterans Press, Inc. in 1996, the oldest  publisher of HIPAA compliance books, guides, and manuals  in the nation. We have been providing Health care compliance expertise since the time that the Privacy Rule was issued in draft form (1998). Veterans Press and EMR Legal president, Jonathan P. Tomes, wrote the first HIPAA compliance manual, The Compliance Guide to HIPAA and the DHHS Regulations, soon to be in its’ 6th edition. Thousands of compliance officers have bought and used the Compliance Guide to help their organizations achieve and maintain compliance with HIPAA, the HITECH Act, and now the Omnibus Rule Change.

In addition to keeping the Compliance Guide current as a viable resource for compliance officers so that they know how to comply with Rule changes and how to avoid civil and criminal penalties, Jon Tomes, with occasional help from other members of EMR, has written more than 80 sample policies and procedures that our customers and clients of all types use to meet their compliance obligations. Most of these policies and procedures are on the HIPAA Documents Resource Center CD, also now in its 5th edition, and more are posted on the Premium Member section of this website. What makes these sample policies and procedures unique is that each policy was originally written for HIPAA compliance consulting client as part of EMR’s (a subsidiary of Veterans Press) consulting deliverables for EMR’s clients. These policies were written to make our clients HIPAA compliant. In other words, each and every policy on the CD and the website was written for a covered entity or business associate and is currently in their organization. We then sanitized these policies and procedures, made them modifiable, and put them on a CD and on the website for all compliance officers to implement where needed. Thousands have bought and used our HIPAA Compliance Library developed to help you become or remain HIPAA & HITECH Act compliant.

Besides, the HIPAA Compliance Library, developed by Jonathan P. Tomes, EMR Legal offers HIPAA compliance consulting around the country and presents HIPAA compliance seminars, webinars, and provides onsite training to health care professionals.

The HIPAA and HITECH Act compliance books, manuals and guides are all written by national expert Jonathan P. Tomes, which include the following:

Mental and Behavioral Health and HIPAA: An Uneasy Alliance (2012).

Have You Heard about HIPAA? A Practical HIPAA Compliance Guide for Audiologists and Speech Pathologist (2012).

Veterans Press, Inc. also publishes novels by Jonathan P. Tomes, including the following:

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