HIPAA Compliance Products & Services Store

Welcome to the HIPAA compliance products & services store. Our business is to make your business HIPAA compliant. Veterans Press and EMR Legal understand HIPAA compliance does not come in a box, that’s why we take the extra steps in assisting you with the right products and services specific to your organization’s compliance needs. Compliance officers throughout the nation have come to depend on our HIPAA Compliance Library and many other products and services that we have produced for nearly two decades. Our successful methodology helped organizations, just like you, achieve and maintain compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and now Omnibus Rule changes. Our client list consist of over 1,000 covered entities and business associates since the time that the Privacy Rule was issued in draft form (1998). Entrust your organization’s HIPAA compliance needs to the nation’s preeminent resource. Browse our HIPAA Compliance Products & Services Store.

• Online HIPAA Training
• HIPAA Risk Analysis
• Organization of HIPAA Compliance
• HIPAA 2-day workshops
• HIPAA Policies
• HIPAA Consulting
• HIPAA Certification
• HIPAA Gap Analysis Reports
• HIPAA Compliance Guides for CE’s and BA’s

Many of the following products can be bundled with a service for a discounted rate. If you have questions, please call our office toll-free at 855-431-8783, we are here to help.

HIPAA Store is currently down for maintenance. Please email any order inquiries to brent@wccit.com.

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