HIPAA Training Seminars

Sign up below for upcoming HIPAA training seminars now including Omnibus Rule changes. These seminars are presented by nationally known HIPAA expert Jonathan P. Tomes.

With the increases in civil and criminal penalties on the rise, learn what you need to know and to do to become HIPAA compliant. Covered entities and business associates, and now “downstream” business associates, face new HIPAA requirements, so come to a HIPAA training seminar and find out what they are. For example, you must perform a HIPAA Risk Analysis or update an existing Risk Analysis. Also, you must make sure that your organization’s workforce receives HIPAA training. Did you know that 30 percent of organizations cited for noncompliance were unaware of what HIPAA compliance requires them to do?

Get continuing education credit by signing up for one of the HIPAA training seminars listed below. Learn what it takes to become compliant from a nationally recognized HIPAA experts. Discover how the Omnibus Rule change affects your organization’s HIPAA policies and procedures. HIPAA violation settlements and civil money penalties range from $100,000 to $4.3 million and have involved small physician practices all the way up to major health systems and health plans, including government agencies. Don’t let your business become part of these statistics. Get the HIPAA training that you need!

Who should attend? Any covered entity or business associate workforce members, including management, students, volunteers, and so forth, need HIPAA training, such as the following: HIPAA compliance officers, HIPAA Security Officers, HIPAA Privacy Officers, CFOs, CEOs, COOs, CIOs, human resources directors, business office managers, administrators, medical records personnel, health information management professionals, health care attorneys, patient accounts managers, billing services, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, mental and behavioral health professionals, speech and language pathologists and audiologists, nurses, chiropractors, shredding companies, and transcription businesses.

Use the sign up links below to schedule an upcoming HIPAA training seminar, which now includes the Omnibus Rule changes, presented by Jonathan P. Tomes.

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Jon Tomes has been concentrating on writing more books and articles for professional publications for the past year or two, but now, he is preparing for more webinars and other HIPAA training because HIPAA law is undergoing so much change, as you may have noticed from reading Jon's blog, available elsewhere here on our website. Please stay tuned to this page and Jon's blog so that you and your staff can sign up for Jon's webinars and so forth. We will be scheduling more webinars and other training as we nail down the details. In the meantime, please contact us at jon@veteranspress.com if you would like to schedule onsite or offsite HIPAA training and consulting, such as for your initial or updated risk analysis, policies and procedures, and written documentation thereof. As always, we wish you every success with your HIPAA compliance efforts.
Webinar: “How to Write HIPAA Policies and Procedures."12/4/2019Jonathan P. TomesJon Tomes is scheduled to present a webinar on “How to Write HIPAA Policies and Procedures" at 12:00 CST to 1:00 on Wednesday, December 4, 2019. Sign up at www.compliancetrain.com/webinardetails/HIPAA-Policies-and-Procedures.

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