Your Happy HIPAA Book

Use Your Happy HIPAA Book to keep all your organizations important HIPAA documents in one convenient location. This three ring binder has tabs which includes a checklist for that tab so that you can more easily see what you have done and what is left for you to do to fill that particular tab with the documentation that you will need to prove that you and organization are indeed HIPAA compliant. The Preface includes an overall checklist to help you keep track of which tab you were on the last time that you worked on filling up Your Happy HIPAA Book.

Online HIPAA Training Video | Certification

Unlimited online HIPAA compliance training and certification available 24/7 for one low rate. Meet DHHS requirements for your Initial and annual training for the entire workforce with this one-hour video from national HIPAA expert, Jonathan P. Tomes. This video includes training for both; health care providers and the business associate on issues with HIPAA, the HITECH Act and, Omnibus Rule changes.

HIPAA Policies and Procedures Templates

The Complete HIPAA Polices and Procedures Guide with accompanying CD filled with every HIPAA policy and procedure imaginable, ready-to-edit templates right for your organization. All written by national HIPAA expert and attorney, Jonathan P. Tomes, these policies ans procedures are designed for both Covered Entities and their Business Associates.

HIPAA Risk Analysis ToolKit

Once your organizations "gaps" in HIPAA compliance are determined, use our Risk Analysis ToolKit to update or create the DHHS required Risk Analysis. Our HIPAA experts review, report, and conduct a phone consultation.

HIPAA Gap Analysis Review

An effective Risk Analysis is the absolute key to HIPAA compliance, and an effective Gap Analysis is the absolute key to an effective Risk Analysis. Take the first step towards HIPAA compliance by filling out Gap Analysis Survey Questionnaire and full gap report.

Have You Heard about HIPAA? A Practical HIPAA Compliance Guide for Audiologists and Speech Pathologists

This book guides SLP's, audiologist, and hearing professionals with the HIPAA, HITECH Act, and Omnibus rule changes to privacy and security. Recognize issues in HIPAA non-compliance your organization may be facing.

HIPAA Compliance Library

By Jonathan P. Tomes


Become a Premium Member on the private section of our website to gain access to Microsoft® editable online HIPAA & HITECH policies, procedures, letters, and forms all updated with the latest Omnibus Final Rule requirements for your organization. National HIPAA expert and health law attorney, Jonathan P. Tomes will answer specific questions from covered entities or business associates, to help your business' become and remain HIPAA compliant. If you order the our HIPAA Compliance Library or The Complete HIPAA Policies and Procedures Guide, with accompanying CD, receive one-year subscription for free!

Mental and Behavioral Health Professionals HIPAA Guide

Mental and behavioral health professionals, in particular, walk a fine line balancing patient care, security, and privacy. This guide clarifies many complicated HIPAA and DHHS regulations, allowing professionals to provide the best care for their patients while protecting individual rights and public interest.

How to Handle HIPAA & HITECH Act Breaches, Complaints, and Investigations: Everything You Need to Know, 2nd ed.

This book gives guidance on the correct way to handle HIPAA breaches, complaints, and investigations. It includes a sample HIPAA security incident form for organization to adopt to keep records complete.

Compliance Guide to HIPAA and the DHHS Regulations, 6th ed., and accompanying HIPAA Policies and Procedures Resource Center CD, 6th ed.

Complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) and the Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”) regulations can be confusing and costly. This book and its accompanying CD enable you to become compliant as easily and cost effectively as possible.

Basic HIPAA Training Video DVD and Workbook, 6th ed.

One-hour of basic HIPAA, HITECH Act and now Omnibus rule change training to meet initial and annual training for the entire workforce. Now available as an online product including a test and HIPAA training certificate.

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