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Struggling with HIPAA compliance or searching for HIPAA Training Videos?

Your passion is to help people stay healthy and enjoy life. But now, you face the threat of knowing every nuance of every HIPAA law. Add to that, the increasing monetary penalties and even criminal convictions and suddenly you’re getting more stress out of your job than joy. Veterans Press is your source for HIPAA Compliance. We’re helping health care professionals just like you become HIPAA Compliant. For nearly two decades, Veterans Press has been the nation’s leading authority in Healthcare law. At Veterans Press our business is to make your business HIPAA compliant.

Get the HIPAA Compliance Library today.

We’ve compiled our decades of experience into one simple all-inclusive HIPAA Compliance library. This library consist of HIPAA compliance books, manuals, guides, and a HIPAA training video with a workbook and test to keep in your employees file to meet annual HIPAA certification training. Everything you need to know and do to become HIPAA Compliant.

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Content Video & Training Package Compliance Library Specialty Resources
HIPAA Compliance Library includes the following or may be ordered separately
Basic HIPAA Training Video, 6th ed.
Basic HIPAA Training Workbook, 6th ed.
Premium Membership
Free- 1yr
Online Basic HIPAA Training
HIPAA Compliance Guide, 6th ed.  $495
80+ Editable Policies/Procedures, 6th ed. (Accompanies the Compliance Guide  ✔
Your Happy HIIPAA Book  59.95
How to Handle Breaches Guide, 2nd ed.  69.95
Addition industry specific books
Mental and Behavioral and HIPAA  $99.95
SLP’s, audiologists and HIPAA  $99.95
Policies and Procedures Guide with Accompanying Policies on CD
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