Off-Topic Blog Item by Alice M. McCart: Christian Faith Publishing Brings out New Novel by Jonathan P. Tomes, Ghost 6 and the Bright Blue Blade

The novel is up on Amazon and will be in Barnes & Noble, on Kindle, and so forth soon. Here is a trailer for it:

Here is the description of the book:

When a nurse asked John if he could have one wish, what would it be, he had just watched TV news depicting ISIS beheading Christians, so he answered, “Bring me back as a 21-year-old infantry platoon leader to lead American servicemembers to go fight ISIS.” He wakes up parachuting into Syria in combat gear but quickly learns that he forgot to say “21-year-old male infantry platoon leader” now that the president has opened combat positions to women. In the ensuing battle, Judith is wounded but is recommended for the Medal of Honor. Upon being discharged from Walter Reed, the president orders her to remain in DC so that he can show her off as proof that he was right in his decision. How does she go to the State of the Union Address when she doesn’t know how to put on makeup or pantyhose? But, after some comic misadventures, she figures it out. But then, she must go to a White House dinner in honor of Prime Minister Netanyahu. She is assigned Major Michael David as her escort, as she hardly has a significant other. When she is with him, strange things happen that make her wonder whether he is the Archangel Michael, which he denies. The Army wants to reclassify her as unfit for combat because of her injuries, so she accepts the prime minister’s offer to make her an Israeli soldier. During a combat jump with the IDF, her chute doesn’t open, but two arms enfold her and lower her to the ground. Major Michael happened to be along as an observer. She’s convinced that he unfolded his wings to save her, but he says that he had a maneuverable parachute that let him catch her. Although she is unconvinced, it is the least of her problems. He proposes to her. Can she marry a man when something is left of the male brain in her? Much less marry an archangel?

My review of it (and yes, I’m a little biased) reads:

This novel doesn’t easily fit into any one category and is hard to put down. It has made me cry, laugh hysterically, get the chills from fright, be grateful to every veteran I have ever known, and pray for all vets—not all of those thoughts, feelings, and actions at the same time, of course—but I couldn’t tell you which feeling popped up more often as I buried myself in the book.

If you liked his novel HIPAA Hysteria (also available on Amazon) or others of his books or his speaking style, you should love this one!

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