Jon Tomes Will Be Presenting an All-Day, Live, and In-Person HIPAA Seminar in San Francisco in 3 Weeks: HIPAA & HITECH Act Blog by Jonathan P. Tomes with Guest Commentator Alice M. McCart, J.D.

Jon Tomes

If you will be in San Francisco about 3 weeks from now and need HIPAA compliance training, go to to sign up. The HIPAA seminar is scheduled for all day on Friday, February 21, 2020, starting at 9 am PT. Here is the outline for the course:

“HIPAA Changes and Planning 2020”

  • Introduction:
  • Changes in Enforcement:
    • Criminal Enforcement:
    • Civil Enforcement:
      • HHS Civil Money Penalties and Settlements in Lieu Thereof:
        • Most Common Violations that Result in CMPs and Settlements.
        • How do You Avoid Beating the $16 Million Dollar Record Penalty:
      • Federal Lawsuit Results:
      • Federal Trade Commission Enforcement:
      • State Enforcement:
        • State Lawsuits:
        • State Agency Enforcement:
        • Professional Discipline:
      • Other Costs of HIPAA Violations:
      • Recent Emerging Threats and How to Guard Against Them:
        • Ransomware:
        • Business Associate Breaches:
        • Privacy Rule Violations:
        • Changes in Enforcement:
      • The Reporting of Breaches:
        • What is a Security Incident:
        • How do You Handle a Security Incident:
        • What is a Breach:
        • What is a Reportable Breach:
          • to the Individual(s):
          • to HHS:
          • to the Media:
        • How to Determine Whether a Breach is Reportable:
          • The Test:
          • Practical Exercise to Determine Whether the Test is Met:
        • How to Handle Complaints and Investigations to Omit or Minimize Liability.
      • How to Perform Risk Analysis:
        • The HIPAA Requirement:
        • A Methodology:
        • Practical Exercise in Applying the Methodology:
      • Policies and Procedures—the Key to Compliance:
      • Required Policies and Procedures;
      • Addressable Policies and Procedures:
      • Other Policies:
      • What Policies do You Need?
        • The Policy Matrix:
        • Practical Exercise in Using the Policy Matrix:
      • How to Write a Compliant Policy:
      • Conclusion and Question and Answer Session:

Yes, I always say that Jon is the country’s leading HIPAA expert. We have many clients and customers across the country, and Jon takes very good care of them. In this seminar, he will bring you up to date on recent and anticipated changes to HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules compliance and, as always, will help you with CYA: cover your assets. We don’t want you to be found noncompliant with HIPAA and get that free trip to Leavenworth or that expensive trip to the bank.

If you can’t make it to Jon’s seminar in San Francisco in three weeks but still want HIPAA training from Jon, you could also consider signing up for his webinar on the HIPAA breach notification rule and what you must do to comply, which is scheduled for Thursday, February 6, 2020, at noon CT, available here:

If you need other HIPAA compliance tools and books by Jon Tomes, please visit our website at

As always, thank you or your business, thank you or your work on the planet, and best wishes for successful HIPAA compliance.


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