3 New HIPAA Compliance Templates Now on Premium Member Section: HIPAA & HITECH Act Blog by Jonathan P. Tomes


Check out the new HIPAA compliance templates now available on the Premium Member section of the Veterans Press website. All three of these templates came directly from requests from our EMR Legal HIPAA consulting clients, Hands-on HIPAA Workshop participants, or seminar attendees. You ask. We deliver.

First, take a look at the HIPAA cover sheet. We know that you have to work with paper records sometimes, no matter how highly evolved the technology is in your practice. One of our clients needed some sort of simple warning sheet to put on top of a stack of records to warn people that curiosity killed the kitty, so to speak. So I designed one for that client. While we were conducting an onsite HIPAA compliance audit recently for another client, we mentioned the cover sheet. That second client thought that it was a great idea. Our original plan had been to suggest having it laminated in as many copies as necessary. The second client pointed to her desk and decided that she needed to have it made into a tablecloth to simply throw over her desk. So the template is just that, a template for you to adapt to your situation and turn into a laminated 8 ½”x 11” sheet of paper or a tablecloth or something else that might work even better for you.

Second, one of our Hands-on HIPAA Workshop participants asked for a visitor policy shortly after I had recounted the conviction of a nursing home visitor who had walked off with paper charts with the intent to commit identity theft. So you will now find a visitor policy template for you to adapt to your situation.

Third, one of our HIPAA compliance seminar attendees asked for a sample HIPAA Security Incident Report Response Form, so you will now also find it on the Premium Member section of the Veterans Press website. It had been an attachment to one of our sample policies on a CD but apparently was not particularly easy to find. So it is now available as a standalone for you on the Premium Member section, again, marked with one of those little red new flags.

So as you can see, we listen and respond, so please keep those cards and letters and emails coming.

Also, again, as a reminder, if you bought the HIPAA Compliance Library that includes my 5th edition of the Compliance Guide to HIPAA and the DHHS Regulations, you received with it a one-year free subscription to the Premium Member section. If you need help setting up your account to access the Premium Member section or want to arrange to buy a one-year subscription, please call our marketing director, Patrick R. Head II, toll-free at 855-341-8783 or email him at patrick@veteranspress.com.

Also, as an aside, stay tuned. The opening chapters of the sequel to HIPAA Hysteria will be coming soon to the Premium Member section. Watch for HITECH Hysteria.


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