Off-Topic Blog Post: HIPAA & HITECH Act Blog by Jonathan P. Tomes

JonTomesAlice picAlice McCart, whom some of  you know (and often love), my vice president and editor of this blog and all of my HIPAA compliance books and articles that I write to help you guys, has been in the hospital for 3 weeks to have 3 surgical procedures and needs your prayers. I don’t know that I can function without her editing and telling me that she wants to smack me when I get too egotistical (which is most of the time). I’m a heathen, but that does not stop me from asking for your prayers for her. We all need her. Email Alice at with your best wishes.

Also, if you need her help with your HIPAA compliance policies and procedures, she will be presenting a webinar through MentorHealth on Key Factors to Write HIPAA Compliance Policies on Thursday, September 16, 2016, at noon Central time.

She bases her training on the results of your Risk Analysis, which is required under HIPAA, so if you have not completed or recently updated your Risk Analysis, you may want to consider listening to my webinar through MentorHealth on How to Do a Risk Analysis on Thursday, August 11, 2016, at noon Central time.

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