Some Good News and an Apology: HIPAA & HITECH Act Blog by Jonathan P. Tomes

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The good news is that I purchased Richard Dvorak’s half interest in Veterans Press and its wholly owned subsidiary, EMR Legal (the consulting arm of Veterans Press), and resigned as co-owner of the law firm Tomes & Dvorak, Chartered, in order to have more time to devote to my HIPAA clients. I remain licensed to practice law but will not be doing so under the auspices of Tomes & Dvorak. Also, Patrick Head, the former marketing director of Veterans Press and EMR Legal, has resigned, so if you want to work with me, you should no longer contact him or Richard Dvorak, Sherry, Daine, Dasha, or Jolene. Rather, you should contact Alice M. McCart, my new vice president (replacing Richard Dvorak, who will now have no further relationship with either organization). We also have added a new chief information officer, as detailed below. You are, of course, free to work with Mr. Dvorak, who will likely continue to consult and give seminars that will have nothing to do with me, Veterans Press, or EMR Legal.

More good news is that Brent Sadler, CEO of WCC iT, pictured with me, has assumed the role of CIO for both Veterans Press and EMR Legal. In his capacity as CIO, Brent will lead the new IT and security initiatives. Brent will serve as an IT HIPAA security expert for our existing clients and will continue to be a regular contributor to my blog. Brent’s company, WCC iT (Web Creations & Consulting, LLC), is a leading national provider of cloud, datacenter, hosting, and IT services. With a strong health care, legal, and compliance background, the WCC iT team will enable us to reach our goal of becoming a full service HIPAA compliance provider. Our new services that are available immediately are these: HIPAA technical security audit (onsite and remote); HIPAA compliant cloud datacenter services; EMR/portal programming from HIPAA trained programmers; and a full complement of HIPAA compliant services, including security officer as a service, HIPAA scanning, monitoring, reporting, penetration testing, email phishing training and testing, cloud-based HIPAA compliance management tools, hosted exchange/Office365, email encryption/archiving, virtual desktops and servers, onsite and cloud backup, training, and webinars. Please feel free to extend a hearty welcome or schedule a call to meet with Brent and discover our new services and how they can help keep you compliant more easily and cost effectively.

The apology is for the hiatus in new blog posts for the last month or so. We moved out of our old office to a new office location, including migrating all the electronics. And while doing so, I developed a kidney stone, my wife contracted pleurisy, and I had a lot of pain from three knee procedures so far this year. So all I could manage to do was to serve my clients, not do any blogging or other writing. But I am doing better now, and next week, I hope to have some new blog posts and new Premium Member posts. As always, if you have any topics that you would like me to address in a blog post or in a new policy or otherwise, please let us know.

Our new contact info is as follows, except for the new Kansas City office phone numbers, which are still on the way:

EMR Legal, Inc., and Veterans Press, Inc.

121 W. 63rd Street, Suite 209

Kansas City, MO 64113, office in Salina, KS, 785-823-7630

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